Detail Informations about 2019 BMW M6 Convertible and Grand Coupe price and Release Date

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Detail Informations about 2019 BMW M6 Convertible and Grand Coupe price and Release Date – BMW M6 2019 has not been released yet, it turns out to be great news. It came because of the popularity of cars from the past. M6 is part of 6 very popular series. With its latest series, BMW will implement an amazing update. There are some changes we noted that can give many aspects. The first thing is, BMW decided to change its design. In addition, there are also other changes seen through the car engine.

2019 BMW M6 Convertible Overview

For this problem, people began to speculate about the type of machine to be implemented. The strongest prediction applies to the 4.4 L Biturbo V8 capable of delivering great performance. The engine is capable of producing 600 HP. Maybe too much for a car, if true then M6 can turn into a monster in the street. Huge production of horsepower may be a huge burden for car performance. In addition to rumors of the machine, there is still no information that we can get now. Another prediction that we make is, the car can come with several engine options. This is BMW’s strategy to deliver a variety of trim levels. One of the engines we want to see is a hybrid engine.

Under the hood, the new M6 from 2018-2019 BMW installed a codename capacity of 4.4 liter V “eight” turbocharged S63Tu, which develops 560 horsepower between 5750 and 7000 rpm. 680 Nm of torque on the Avalanche, available from 1 500 to 5 750 revs/min, transmitted to the rear wheels via a seven-speed robotized transmission with dual clutch Double Clutch Dual Clutch.

The power plant allows the M6 coupe to drive up to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.2 seconds, and the first open M6 “hundred” exchanged a tenth of a second slower. Both versions can be deployed to 250 mph electronically limited, but the optional M Driver package allows pushing the bar up to 305 km / h. The engine speed limit is set at 7200 rev/min. The average fuel consumption of the BMW M6 2018-2019 in a combined driving cycle is 9.9 liters per 100 kilometers for CoupĂ© and 10.3 liters per hundred kilometers for the open version.

To realize the potential of such impressive active suspension, active M differential, improved Dynamic Stability Control, new steering system, and unique dynamic damping control system. In addition, for any fee, the proposed version of the BMW M6 2018-2019 can be equipped with high-performance carbon-ceramic brakes.

2019 BMW M6 Convertible Interior and Exterior

2019 BMW M6 Convertible Interior and Exterior –

Although the body can change, BMW still maintains the main theme of BMW M6 2019. This is known as elegance through its sporty bodyline. It looks dull without any changes but, if you see it clearly, there are some visible changes. Each section of the car is designed very sporty. It can be seen from the front and rear is designed with a sharper design. The addition of molding lamps formed for the front and rear of the car can be a good thing. The company also decided to add a fog lamp as a supporting part for the car.

2019 BMW M6 Convertible Release Date and Price

2019 BMW M6 Convertible Release Date and Price –

For the price and release date, both BMW and experts still have not provided info about it. However, we caught a clue that the BMW M6 2019 will be released by the end of 2017.


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